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The Art of Sport Horse Breeding Begins With Quality Bloodlines

Did you know? Judy Yancey was the first person to begin the importation and marketing of frozen equine semen in North America? Since 1975, Yancey Farms has represented the finest stallions from the Oldenburg Area of Germany with our exclusive Warmblood Horse Breeding Program and Warmblood Horses for sale.

Through our horse semen program, North American mares can breed with top German Sporthorse stallions — at a fraction of the live stud fee. Yancey Farms strives to maintain a sizable inventory of the majority of our quality stallions for your convenience.

Imported Warmblood Frozen Equine Semen Available When You Need It

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A few words from our founder

Many years ago when I was visiting Germany, I was introduced to the business of Equine Frozen Semen for breeding. It was at that point that I decided to develop a plan to import and sell frozen semen to expand exceptional bloodlines to North America. I started the business with only a handful of stallions and over time, I began to concentrate mostly on dressage and three day eventing type stallions – pedigrees that were ideal for the everyday rider – horses with good minds, good conformation, hardy Constitution, and a willingness to work. In the beginning decades of Yancey Farms, we didn’t have the websites and emails – instead we relied on relationships built with integrity and confidence. To this day, Yancey Farms continues to operate under the founding principles established in 1975 when I first opened the business.
As you review my website, you will see that the stallions I offer today still represent the qualities I originally outlined when I first began this business.
I do not offer every stallion that is available via frozen semen. I also do not list every stallion name and face available throughout Europe. I do not run after the biggest name or the flashiest mover. I choose stallions best suited for the American market and its rider base.
When I choose stallions and stallion stations to work with, I go ahead and bring the inventory into the United States so that it is readily available – eliminating excessive wait time. I am very careful and very selective with the inventory we carry at Yancey Farms. You may not find every stallion available to the market, but what you will find are stallions carefully and thoughtfully selected for quality of type, movement, and mentality.
I am the first person who began importing and marketing frozen equine semen in North America. I have never wavered on the parameters I put into place when I began this adventure in 1975 – nearly 50 years ago – and I still faithfully follow the same business guidelines today.
If I can assist you in your selections and to answer any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to call me directly. 
Warm Regards, 
Judy Yancey

Some Of Our Quality Stallions


This is a charming, well-bred, and intelligent young stallion. His first foal crop has astonished and impressed many!


For Romance is the epitome of a model sire and from a Voltaire dam line that has been accorded great success.

IBIZA (Asgard’s Ibiza) Headshot


IBIZA has Proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is an outstanding sire. He has numerous high-quality licensed young sons.


Skyline To B traces back to the highly successful line of Spinda, originally widespread in Hanover and then also in Sweden.