Media coverage for Yancey Farms breeding from across the world.

Judy Yancey – Matchmaking Maestro for the American Breeder

Judy Yancey and FortulaPublished in Dressage Daily – In 1975 Judy Yancey was a “dreamy eyed kid” who wanted a different kind of horse. She saw a small ad in the Chronicle of the Horse for a Trakehner Stallion for sale, imported from Germany, who was up in Canada. With her father’s help, she went to the library to research Trakehnen, an East Prussian region from which the breed takes its name. Yancey bought the stallion Beaute’, and brought one of the first warmbloods west of the Mississippi when she was located in Texas, which began her odyssey as one of the first and foremost breeders in America of German Sporthorses.
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Free Spirits

Published in Ocala Style – Few people have the privilege of looking ancient history in the face every day. Yet for Judy Yancey, that is exactly what she does each morning. A longtime horsewoman, Judy is now breeding Kiger Mustangs, a relatively rare horse whose ancestry traces directly to the mounts brought to the New World by Spanish Conquistadors centuries ago.
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Made in the USA: How American Breeders Continue to Develop Successful Sport Horses

Published in Dressage Today – There’s a reason Judy Yancey is still in the sport-horse breeding business after 38 years. “There’s something in a real breeder that makes it so you never quit,” she says. “You do the hard work—and it is hard work—with your eyes wide open and not being barn blind, and you’re always looking for that next one.”
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German Oldenburg’s Dominate the Markel/USEF Young Dressage Horse Championships!

Published in Heidi Dressage – In the FEI Four Year Old division it is no small feat that long time German Oldenburg breeder Judy Yancey of Yancey Farms in FL has brought forth two sibling talents from her program. The lovely 2009 North American bred German Oldenburg mare Floretienne (Florestan I x Tamarande (Jazz – Matador II)) was a Premium Foal the year of her birth and will compete along side her half brother courtesy of embryo transfer.
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Assess The Potential Of A Broodmare

Published in Sunshine Sporthorses – This article is directed toward that “serious” breeder; albeit a one mare or twenty mare operation. It will never pay to be barn blind, and one can only improve one’s breeding stock by being objective and having a very particular goal in mind. I am interested in providing you with a mental “checklist” of sorts as you consider the purchase of a new broodmare. or even the evaluation of your existing stock.
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