About Yancey Farms

Judy Yancey and Templar

Warmblood and Sport Horse Breeding Program

Yancey Farms is one of the oldest and most respected warmblood breeders in the United States. We have been producing sporthorses of quality since 1975. Proudly, Yancey Farms was the home of the famous Trakehner stallion – DONAUWIND – who sired the Olympic Gold and Silver Medal Winner ABDULLAH. With over 40 years of breeding and importation of bloodstock from Germany, Yancey Farms has established excellent contacts in the industry and offers consultation and buying services to breeders in the United States.

We can help you reach your warmblood breeding goals. Our philosophy is Safe, Sane and Sound, and these are words we live by at Yancey Farms. Producing this type of horse has always been and will always be our main goal.

“My whole philosophy has been that I want to produce horses for people like me – an enthusiast who has a passion for horses, who enjoys horses, who wants a beautiful horse that is athletic, safe and sound. The foals we produce have a mental willingness and are tough in their constitution. They are trainable and they are all-around athletes,” says Owner Judy Yancey. “We invite you to view the horses selected for our warmblood breeding program and to contact us with any questions you may have.”