Purchasing Terms and Conditions

YANCEY FARMS is a frozen semen import service. Yancey Farms makes no claims as to the availability, fertility, viability, or freedom of disease of semen. Stallions with “breeding contract” or “live foal guarantee” are identified on their respective pages. Prices are subject to change. We have the right to refuse service. All sales are final upon delivery.

In purchasing from Yancey Farms the buyer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

By placing an order you (the “Customer”), are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Yancey Farms. All orders are subject to these terms and conditions which cannot be varied.

  1. No guarantee of pregnancy is given by Yancey Farms under any circumstances whatsoever.
  2. Customers are presumed to have read all information and advice imparted verbally or in writing by Yancey Farms. Yancey Farms uses reasonable means to ensure that all information and advice provided by it are accurate. However, Yancey Farms cannot accept liability for any incorrect information. Customers are advised to verify the accuracy of all information themselves, and to discuss all issues with their vet as appropriate.
  3. Yancey Farms will use reasonable means to resolve any disputes relating to the quality or other properties of any semen, but liability for semen rests solely with the relevant stallion owner.
  4. Liability and risk for the semen and any container it is transported in is the responsibility of YF prior to shipping, the Transport Company while in transit and the person or company to whom the semen is delivered upon its arrival.
  5. All prices and terms, and the availability of stallions are subject to change. The Customer must confirm these with Yancey Farms immediately prior to ordering and payment.
  6. Yancey Farms provides no product exchange or money back guarantee. Once payment has cleared the order is placed and cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  7. Semen advertised by Yancey Farms may be unavailable at times without notice.
  8. Yancey Farms reserves the right to refuse to accept any order and to cancel any order already placed at any time and at the sole and absolute discretion of Yancey Farms.
  9. In the event that Yancey Farms cancels any order, the full amount paid by the Customer will be refunded.
  10. All frozen semen supplied is subject to the terms offered by the supplying stud. If frozen semen is used, please be aware that you may be charged per pregnancy if doses are split. Please confirm terms with Yancey Farms prior to insemination and note that most frozen semen sold does not have any guarantees or stud terms.
  11. All orders placed are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of Texas. Dated: January 2018

There is a ROUND TRIP SHIPPING FEE OF $395.00, in addition to the cost of the doses ordered.

All fees are payable upon execution of this contract. Buyer specifically agrees and understands that no semen will be shipped until all fees have been paid.

Buyer is responsible for insuring the shipping container during return shipping. Buyer agrees that the container will be returned within ONE WEEK of its arrival. Failure to do either of the above mentioned items WILL jeopardize any future shipments.

YANCEY FARMS assumes responsibility ONLY TO DELIVER SEMEN IN VIABLE CONDITION at the time of delivery; i.e.: that product is received in a properly cold shipping tank in apparent good condition.

Buyer’s representative (receiving breeding station and/or Veterinarian) will have 24 hours to report any discrepancy in the order. Be sure that your representative properly checks in the shipment at time of delivery. Any complaints after 24 hours will not be honored.

YANCEY FARMS will provide detailed thawing and usage instructions. A “dose” of frozen semen is defined as a single insemination unit which includes approximately 150 million progressively motile sperm, which, upon PROPER thawing show at least a 30% post thaw motility. (These are Industry minimum standards).

Buyer agrees to hold harmless YANCEY FARMS and/or any semen distribution agents for YANCEY FARMS for any injury or illness to mares associated in any way with the insemination of frozen semen provided by YANCEY FARMS.

Buyer specifically understands that YANCEY FARMS makes no guarantees or warranty as to the fertilizing capacity of any semen provided under the terms of this contract, either expressed or implied, however, known conception rates will be relayed to Buyer, and are given in good faith.

ALL STALLIONS REPRESENTED BY YANCEY FARMS IN THE FROZEN SEMEN PROGRAM HAVE BEEN TESTED NEGATIVE FOR EVA AND EIA, CEM, DOURINE AND GLANDERS. Mare Owner is responsible for ascertaining their mare’s Registry’s requirements for the use of frozen semen and subsequent registration of foals conceived thusly.

In purchasing from the YANCEY FARMS website, you are agreeing to the terms as outlined above.