Sezuan has sired many top sons who are proving their worth as good progenitors also. He established a “new” type of dressage horse, with long legs, ample size and powerful movement;.

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Tested N/N  FFS 2018

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Sezuan is an unmatched material winner with 9875 points. Ten times he was awarded a 10.0. As a 3-year-old, Sezuan won many European dressage specialists hearts with his impressive gaits and his rideability.  He has thus became one of Europe’s most frequented young stallions for breeding.

Sezuan – the triple gold medal winner of the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses continued his career impressively at the international Small Tour with victories above the magical 80% mark. He is currently being prepared for his first Grand Prix entries supported by Patrik Kittel/SWE.

Since his licensing in 2012 in Denmark, Sezuan is most spoken of stallion worldwide. Afterwards he passed his stallion performance test with scores never awarded before: He actually was given the highest possible score of 10.0 ten times! 2013 he received the title Danish Champion Stallion and Dressage Horse Champion of 4yo. In 2014, 15 and 16 he won the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses, as the first stallion ever, three times in a row under Dorothee Schneider/GER. For his basic gaits, his rideability and his perspective he received numerous dream scores of 10.0.
Father Zack has, in recent years, demonstrated his breeding value with multiple licensed sons. Sezuan’s Dam, Beech Farm’s Don Romina, is by the world-renowned Don Schufro. His grandmother is bronze-medal-winning mare, Bøgegårdens Laina.

Sezuan has sired more than 40 licensed stallions in Germany, Great Britain, Denmark and the Netherlands, like the premium stallion “So Unique” who topped the stallion market for 650,000 Euro in Hanover and became winner of the German Championship, the Vice German Championship winner “Secret”, the double stallion performance test winner Sezuan’s Donnerhall, the Oldenburg premium stallion Sam who was bred by Stud Peterhof and the second most expensive stallion Spotify, who was sold for 250,000 Euro in München-Riem. His numerous successful offspring are led by the South German Vice Champion and third at the German Championship Spectre and Sazou/Beatrice Buchwald, who was also placed at the German Championship. Several of his daughters were awarded premium, like the Westphalian end ring mare Victoria Secret, the Oldenburg premium mare High Hope and the Danish premium mares Baunehojens and Maskedals Beat it. Worldwide Sezuan’s foals are setting a new standard. For example the Danish Champion foal Strandagergards Sirocco who was auctioned at a price record of 74,000 Euro and the Danish Foal Champion Schwarze Schwalbe Macohl. Several other show winners like Froulina BG and Scherbring’s Champ as well as top auction horses are recorded.

Holstein line 108 a.

Stallion Sezuan

Stallion Sezuan

Stallion Sezuan

Stallion Sezuan

Dansk Varmblod • 2009 • 173 cm

Breeder: Linette Jæger, Danmark



Herning, March 11,2017

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