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Rosandro was licensed in Vechta in 2006. He was by far an outstanding, supple mover and certainly deserved a premium rating. However, he is branded Hanoverian, and Premium awards are reserved for Oldenburg sons only. Under Kira Wulferding, he had several series victories with maximum notes in riding horse and Dressurpferdeprüfungen. His 30-Day-Test in 2007, in Schlieckau, also resulted in high scores. With a dressage score of 8.69 (2nd place) and final total score of 8.21 he came out third place.

The father ROSARIO was premium stallion at his licensing in Vechta and descends from the Oldenburg performance line of Rudina. He became State Champion of Oldenburg three times; won Bronze in 2002 and Silver in the Bundeschampionats, in 2003. As a five-year-old, he placed in the final qualification of the World Championships in third place. In 2007, he had first placings in “S” level dressage with Anja Engelbart. Since Fall of 2007, Rosario continues his career in Great Britain. Six sons of the Rosario have been licensed.

The mother of Rosandro, Saniza, is by SANDRO HIT, who has produced over 100 licensed sons so far, with numerous Champion stallions; nine federal champions, 84 States Premium daughters and successful sport horses, like the Salieri OLD/Victoria max Theurer/AUT victorious in World Cup dressage classes.

Rosandro’s grandmother, Eniza, produced the “S” jumper Hidalgo (v. Waldsee) and the M level dressage horse, Latino (v. Landor S).

Rosandro is already an accomplished competition horse, winning and placing in his first tests for young riding and dressage horses and especially at his 30-day test in Schlieckau. He received a score of “very good” for his trot (9.25) and for rideability (9.0). He also had high scores for his walk (8.88) and character and temperament (8.75). Jumping was awarded a score of 7.00 and with a weighted total score of 8.21 he ranked third in the group of 32 competitors at the test. With a final score of 8.69 with emphasis on dressage, he finished second.

Under the careful training of Kira Wulferding/GER, Rosandro will be given sufficient time to mature. Just like Fackeltanz and Sternenfänger, Rosandro is available for breeding, although only for a limited number of breeders.

Stallion Rosandro

Stallion Rosandro

Stallion Rosandro

Stallion Rosandro

Stallion Rosandro

Stallion Rosandro

Stallion Rosandro

Hanoverian • Dark Brown • 2004 • 168 cm


Rosario Rubinstein I Rosenkavalier
Elfenlight Castro
Elfchen III
Saniza Sandro Hit Sandro Song
Eniza Espri

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