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Maracaná: Stallion 2015 Black 1.75m, WESTF 276441411165315 Prämienhengst, Lic.: WESTF, HANN

Maracaná is a typey and impressive stallion, stamped by his sire, the Trakehner Millennium, with a touch of the legs of Lord Loxley, make Maracaná an interesting sire for the introduction of different bloodlines.

From his homesite:

Maracaná impresses as far the top ranking stallion of all stallion licensings in 2017. It’s simply impossible to look away from this striking master of movements. An excellent mechanic combined with his spectacular step-off as well as very engaged hindquarters moving always in rhythm with the gait make the stallion’s motion sequence the embodied perfection.

Natural elasticity and cadence let every motion swing through the entire body. Despite of his young age Maracaná is already well-balanced and collected. At his licensing, the continuity of his spectacular motion sequences attracted attention every time he presented himself. Maracaná fascinated with gleaming charisma and royal habitus at all days of licensing.

Furthermore, he inspires with his outstanding basic quality. Beside his nearly perfect trot, he is gifted with a very good walk and a ground-covering canter. This intelligent and extremely willing to work black stallion has a fantastic character and is very drawn to people.

Maracaná‘s appearance is the definition of a modern dressage stallion. His noble beauty and impressive habitus guarantee goose-bumps at every presentation. In view of his type his extremely long legs and elegance are especially eye-catching. Despite of his splendid size he embodies a noble lightness without loss of substance. Super correct, with very good legs and harmoniously built limbs, Maracaná leaves nothing to be desired in view of conformation as well.”

His sire Millennium is certainly the most significant Trakehner of current breeding. He is omnipresent at licensing of all breeding associations with champion stallions and, meanwhile, about 30 licensed sons. Especially, the noble type and charisma combined with extraordinary quality of movements give prove of his striking power for refinement when looking at many of offspring.

The dam’s sire Lord Loxley is worldwide known due to the inheritance of his outstanding quality of movements. As Bundeschampion and multiple winner in advanced level classes Lord Loxley I shines also with his highly successful offspring such as Lorenzo, who placed fifth in the individual class under the Spanish rider Severo Jurado Lopez at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In third generation, Lancer II brings the demanded genes of the great Landgraf again into play. Both, the sire and the son, influenced the breeding with highly successful jumping offspring, but also with numerous advanced level winning dressage offspring. Then, Ramiro, found in fourth generation, is another top Holsteiner sire in the pedigree of Maracaná.

Furthermore, the origin of Maracaná’s dam line is Holstein. It’s line 7700, which also produced the stallion Lord Star

Currently Licensed: Westphalia, Southern German studbooks, Rhineland, Hessen, Poland, Baden-Württemberg, Bavarian, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar, Sachsen-Thüringen, Hanoverian, Oldenburg (requested)






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