JAZZ (The ONE and ONLY!)


ICSI DOSES NOW AVAILABLE @$500.Call 352 209-8770 Tested N/N (Non Carrier) of the WFFS gene, 2018.Fertility of this stallion via his frozen semen is excellent. I have the last of the Jazz frozen semen available to the U.S. Limited number of doses left.

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Jazz has led for many years in the top spots of WBSFH ranking. His genetics are now established with many licensed sons, top mare and superior dressage performance horses. His offspring are stunning, super talented and phenomenal movers.

KWPN approved sons are are: Norway, Olivi, Extensive, Tango, Johnson, Vic, Wynton, Cachet, Chagall and Bristol. His successful children in sports are too many to mention. Ambassador par excellence of Broere Jazz is of course none other than Jerich Parcival. With his rider Adelinde Cornelissen they won the silver medal in the Olympics in London 2012.

The KWPN rewarded Broere Jazz with titled KWPN horse of the year 2006 and was given the title Preferant. Because of his sporting achievements and his very successful offspring, Westpoint, Bristol, Tango and of course Parcival, Jazz holds a title that none have exceeded.

Since Sire rankings have been calculated by WBFSH, Jazz has been number one four straight years, and in the top three the past 2 years.

Born on the 21st of May 1991 in the Netherland’s by Huub and Tiny van Helvoirt, little was it known by his breeders at the time that he would go on to be a legend in the world of dressage.

Jazz was performance tested in 1994 and described as honest, reliable, temperamental, and likes to look at everything. Very willing to work and works well. His walk is easy with a long stride. He carries himself well in the trot, has very good use of the foreleg and has sufficient power. The canter is sufficient in scope and carriage but it should be more powerful. He rises in the forehand during dressage and he works well. He has a great deal of talent for dressage and gives his rider a good feeling. His scores were well above average with an 8 for his walk, an impressive 9.5 for his trot 8.5 for his canter with three 9’s for trainability, stable behavior and overall training.

Stallion Performance Test

  • Walk: 8
  • Trot: 9.5
  • Canter: 8.5
  • Riding Test: 9
  • Jumping with Rider: 5
  • Free Jumping: 5
  • Character: 8
  • Behavior: 9
  • Training Report: 9

Doruto 25 foals out of 100 coverings were presented for inspection, his foal report states Jazz presented a collection of sufficient to more than sufficiently developed riding type foals that are refined. The collection was very uniform, both in regards to shape and to movement. The head is expressive and well formed. The neck has good shape and length but the transition into the wither/shoulder formation should be smoother.

The wither should be more developed but the length is very good. The shoulder has good length and placement. On the whole the back has good shape and muscling, the loins are sometimes a little dense. The croup has good shape and muscling and also has sufficient length. The foreleg is correct, sometimes a little straight. The hindleg is long and often has a strong angle. The circumference of the legs vary from fine to sufficient, the quality is good. The transition of the cannon to the hock is often sharp and the hock should be better developed. The walk is good and sufficient in scope.

The foals carry themselves well in the trot, show rise in the front and there is tact and scope with good use of the hindleg. They set their neck and they should relax more through the topline. The foals seldom jump into the canter.

Additional information

Dose Type

Standard Dose, ICSI Dose

Stallion Jazz

Stallion Jazz

Stallion Jazz

Stallion Jazz


Stallion Jazz Foals

Stallion Jazz Foals

The crowned King of the dressage breeding!

KWPN • Chestnut • 1991 • 17 hands

Approved for KWPN, Danish, Oldenburg, Hanoverian


(World Cup Dressage) 
(Olympic Dressage) 
Furioso II
Kuer Pref Prest
Le Val Blanc xx
Nimmerdor (Holst)
KWPN SF pref
Jumping 1.60
Ster Pref
Keur Pref Prest 

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