Such a consistent producer of multi-disciplined, athletic offspring! Hibiskus (EH Hibiskus) is one of the leading Trakehner stallions in Germany, and an excellent all-rounder for breeding wonderful competition sport, riding and harness horses. Tested N/N (not a carrier) FFS.

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 Hibiskus: (EH Hibiskus) 2002 Trakehner, Black, 16.2h (168cm) DE409090127900
Tested N/N (not a carrier) FFS

Trakehner – Elite Horse
Ranked in the FN top 5% Dressage Stallion Values

EH Hibiskus is one of the leading Trakehner stallions in Germany, and an excellent all-rounder for breeding wonderful competition sport, riding and harness horses.

  • In progeny to date, Hibiskus has produced offspring that are competing successfully in dressage up to Advanced level, successful eventers at National level and International level with Junior Riders, and show jumpers up to Medium level.
  • Hibiskus´ offspring have been ridden in recent years at International European and Word Championships for para-dressage.  He has also produced top young carriage horses.
  • His half brother Finkenstein by Latimer was a member of the Danish dressage team at the World Championships in Tryon 2018.
  • Hibiskus was a finalist of the  three year old stallion class at the prestigious German National Championships riding horse competition under Ingrid Klimke, where they finished in third place.
  • He completed his 30 day Performance test in Schliekau 2003 with the second best dressage score of all 30 participating stallions;  8.61 2/30  He scored 7.96 for jumping and over all 8.41 and was sixth.
  • He completed his 70 day Performance test in Redefin where Hibiskus won the dressage section and was fourth overall.
  • He has consistently been in the top 5% of all Dressage stallions in Germany, with a Dressage Index of 148 points.
  • Hibiskus has wins in dressage up to advanced level .

Hibiscus sires excellent performance horses, absolutely reliable, capable and with wonderful temperaments.
His offspring are currently ridden and competed by adults, junior riders and para-riders.

EH Hibiskus (by EH Latimer out of Hirtennacht by EH Hohenstein, mare family of T14O3 Herbstblüte, von Schöning, Kl. Sallentin) was the Reserve Champion of the 2002 Trakehner Stallion Licensingand sold to Gestüt Sommerlade before the auction.

He began his stallion career most successfully, competed in young horse dressage classes and also stood with Ingrid Klimke for some time. However, his sport career was cut short due to his popularity and demand in the breeding shed, and he was later acquired by Gestüt Wiesenhof when the Sommerlade herd was dispersed.

Hibiskus had sired several celebrated dressage horse champions and continues to be a popular sire in the Trakehner breed.

In 2010, EH Hibiskus was one of 3 stallions that year to be proclaimed by the Trakehner Society as Elite Horses, and from then on one of the few to carry the coveted “E.H.” title in their name

Reserve Champion of the 2002 Trakehner Stallion Licensing
At the 30 day Performance test in Schliekau 2003, second best dressage grading of all 30 participating stallions and overall sixth place.

At the 70 day Performance test in Redefin, Hibiskus won the Dressage section and was fourth overall.

Consistently placed in the top 5% of all Dressage sires in Germany, with a Dressage Index of 132 points.

 In 2010, Hibiskus was proclaimed by the Trakehner Society as an Elite Horse.



















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