Don Martillo


DON MARTILLO, FEI World Champion Dressage Horse, 5 year olds; Bundeschampion of the 4-Year-Old Stallions in 2016!  All of the bad press around him was bogus, a sad situation for a producer like Don Martillo. Breeders that have his offspring over here LOVE them, Last doses available

Tested N/N (Non Carrier) to the WFFS gene, 2018

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Don Martillo: Hanoverian,2012, Black, 174 cm: DE431316967812

Champion! Don Martillo and Ann-Christian Wienkamp are FEI World Champions of the 5-year
Bundeschampion of the 4 year old Stallions in 2016!

“Under rider Ann-Christin Wienkamp, Don Martillo from the breeding of Axel Windeler scored a 8.5 for the trot, a 9.5 for the gallop, a 8.5 for the fulfillment of the scale of training and for type and interior a 8.0. His walk was even rated 10.0. “There is no better,” the jury said. Also the two guest riders, Stephanie Fiedler and Richard “Pico” Hannöver, were inspired by the Don Juan de Hus son and judged his rideability with 19 points.”

In his 14 Day Stallion Testing in Schliekau, he again received top marks! BEST dressage stallion with a score 9.19! Once gain he recived high scores from the guest riders and 1 perfect 10 for the walk!

Fabulous Stallion Performance Test in Verden , March 4, 2017! Yes, he blew away the competition!

Don Martillo:

  • T 9.4 (trot)
  • G 9.0   (Canter)
  • S 10.0   (walk!)
  • R/B 9.6
G 9.6
 (Willingness to work/ability to work)
  • Total 9.52

This should now compete his requirements for Permanent Licensing.

Don Martillo’s sire, DON JUAN DE HUS, started his career in Westpahalia where he was licensed. From there, he went on to win his stallion performance testing — at Schliekau — with a total score of 149 points. He also had the best score in the dressage portion (9.25.)

As a four-year-old, DON JUAN DE HUS was unbeaten in all of the young horse tests that he entered, won his level, and was named French Champion in Saumur with a score of 93.639% He received a score of 10 for trot, and 9.8 for canter, during the final.

In his fifth year, DON JUAN DE HUS earned his place in the World Championship for Young Dressage Horses in Verden, where he placed 6th in the overall final.

Don Martillo’s mother line is solid with success: His dam, “Black Pearl” comes from the famous Verden line of Shocolata, who with her daughters were the winning family in Verden and won the 1c-Prize at the 1990 Bundeschampionats! Shocolata provided two licensed stallions and several elite auction foals. Grandmother Mona Lisa was the winner of the competition in 1996 and 1997 in Sottrum and 1998 in Tarmstedt. At the Louis-Wiegel show, she was the best of the year and at the Ratje-Niebuhr show she won the 1c place. In 2002 and 2004 she and her daughters Wendy For Ever, Don Martillo’s grandmother, and Winergy became the Elitesiegerfamilie. Grandmother Wendy For Ever brought the Royal Ascot dressage horse with Royal Highness, who won over 75% of the Burgpokalqualifikation in Verden in 2015 with Ann-Christin Wienkamp.


Licensed Oldenburg, Hanoverian, Selle Francais

FEI World Champion

Hann. Verband Wintertraining

Hann. Verband Wintertraining

Don Martillo

Don Martillo

Don Martillo




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