WFFS negative; PSSM1 negative; PSSM2: all genetic variants negative

D‘avie is from the first crop of Don Juan de Hus – himself a product of the successful formula of  Jazz crossed with Krack C.

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2012 Hannoverian, Premium stallion, 17 hands

      D’AVIE IS BACK!!!

                   THE stallion to carry on the blood of Don Juan De Hus

  • Won gold at the WCYH for 7yo 2019
  • Won gold at the WCYH for 6yo 2018
  • Premium stallion in Hannover 2014In addition to his spectacular talent for movement, D’avie impresses in the dressage arena with tremendous willingness to perform, his phenomenal hind legs and extraordinary rideability. He combines power and elegance. With his charisma and character, he has everyone involved in his day-to-day handling, whether riders, grooms or farriers, wrapped around his little finger. Of particular interest for breeding considerations, as a refining stallion type, his perfect conformation makes him suitable for almost all mares.

Although he started his breeding career quite late, D’Avie  has  produced two licensed stallions. He passes on his unmistakable glow, his presence and his enormous propulsion from perfect hindquarters.

In 2019, D’avie FRH impressively defended his World Champion title in the seven-year-old class: 10.0 for his perfect uphill and cadenced canter with energetic hindquarters, 9.4 for his rhythmical, ground-covering trot, showing a lot of expression, 8.8 for his clear four-beat walk and submission and 9.5 for perspective. With 93.0 percent and 77.214 percent for the technical component, he received the overall score of 85.107 percent.

D’avie FRH clearly outshone the premium lot of the Hanoverian licensing in Verden in 2014. He made his sporting debut with numerous victories in tests for young dressage horses. He completed his 14-day test in 2016 in Schlieckau as 2nd Reserve Champion. In 2017, he came fourth at the Danish Dressage Championships with Severo Jurado Lopez/ESP and finished sixth at the World Championships for five-year-old dressage horses. The following year, he won the gold medal at the World Championships in Ermelo with an overall score of 9.26 (10.0 for canter, 9.8 for trot).

D’avie FRH is from Don Juan de Hus’ first crop of foals, who himself descends from the successful combination of Jazz x Krack C. In 2013, he came sixth at the World Championships for young dressage horses with Jessica Michel/FRA.

Since then, twelve of his sons have been licensed in Germany, including D’Egalité, Westphalian Champion Stallion and price record holder, Don Royal, Neustadt Champion Stallion and Don Martillo, World Champion of young dressage horses and German Champion.

His dam, St.Pr.St. Linda, is the full sister of St.Pr.A. Lady Gagga, who is successful in Grand Prix, and of Letterkenny, who is victorious up to Inter II.

With the dam sire Londonderry, the bloodline of the line founder Lauries Crusador xx also appears in his pedigree. Londonderry was champion of his licensing, German Champion and in 2013, thanks to his breeding performance, named “Hanoverian Stallion of the Year”.

The stallions Walt Disney I and Trapper appear in the further generations.

Licensed Danish Warmblood, German Oldenburg and Hannoverian, Westphalian, all South German Association, Mecklenburg and Rheinland

D’Avie Feb. 2020D'Avie










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