ROCKEFELLER (Blue Hors Rockefeller)


Blue Hors Rockefeller had a severe accident at the age of 2.5 years and broke the hoof bone of his right front leg, so has not been able to have a career in sport. Despite his injury, the Danish Warmblood Society approved Rockefeller to breed 50 mares a year during 2010-2012. After the offspring inspection in 2014, the Danish Warmblood Society decided to license him fully.

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Blue Hors Rockefeller’s sublime type and conformation are supported by an outstanding performance pedigree representing a high degree of breeding certainty and very strong competition skills.

Blue Hors Rockefeller had a severe accident at the age of 2½ years where he broke the hoof bone in his right front leg and will therefore not be able to have a performance career.

Despite his injury Dansk Varmblod has approved Rockefeller to breed 50 mares a year during 2010-2012. His foals crops have been well received and are of outstanding quality. His success as a sire is evident, and many regard him an even more prepotent sire than his full brother, Romanov.

Blue Hors Rockefeller is out of one of German breeding’s strongest performance dam lines linking directly back to the international eventing mare Rudilore II (aka Chica). With this mare Harli Seifert has established her successful breeding program where this dam line has produced internationally esteemed jumper stallions like Gio Granno, Conterno Grande, Couleur Rubin and Couleur Rouge and dressage stallions like D-Day, Don Chico, Trantris and not to forget Blue Hors Rockefeller’s five licensed full brothers Rubin Royal, Blue Hors Romanov, Rumicello, Rubino Vincento and Rubin Action.

Blue Hors Rockefeller’s sire Rohdiamant now ranks as the third best producer of dressage horses thanks to his numerous offspring in international Grand Prix. Rohdiamant himself was Oldenburg champion stallion, main premium champion, double German federal champion and winner of international Grand Prix, as are Blue Hors Rockefeller’s two full brothers Rubin Royal and Blue Hors Romanov.

Stallion Rockefeller

Stallion Rockefeller

Oldenburg • 2005 • 170 cm

Licensed Oldenburg and Danish


Rohdiamant Rubinstein Rosenkavalier Romandour II
Antine Angelo XX
Elektria V Inschallah AA Israel AA
Elektria Chronist
Rumirell Grundstein II Graphit Grande
Sissi Sermont
Ruling Action Akzent II Absatz
Ruling Chica Volturno

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