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Parco placed at every major championship, making him one of the greats of the sport.

  • European Championships 2003 – 4th
  • World Cup Final 2003 – 7th
  • Athens Olympics 2004 – 4th
  • World Cup Final 2005 – 9th
  • Global Champions Tour 2006 – Champion
  • WEG Aachen 2006 – 9th

There are currently in excess of 50 Parco offspring in the FEI international lists.

In France, among the first Parco’s offspring which has been tested in showjumping and eventing, 75% are indexed, which proves his improving abilities. In 2008, Parco was the leading sire of 4 year olds at the Fontainbleau finals.

  • Bufero van het Panishof (Dirk Demeersmen) WEG 2010
  • Angel v/d Hoendrik, 4 YO Champion of Belgium in 2004

Approved sons include Balou van de Heldenlaan, Booster van het Getenhof, Bufero van het Panishof, Cobe van het Gonnehof, Cquito van het Panishof, Dream d’Hedje DWS

Parco only started breeding in Belgium in 2000, once he was 8. So his oldest offspring are now only 10, so now we start to see them in international Grand Prix. From his first crop he had a World Games 2010 competitor!

Parco will improve the temperament of any mare, while giving bone, scope and looks. Light through to medium weight mares will do very well with him; very heavy girls should be avoided.

Stallion Parco

Stallion Parco

Stallion Parco

Stallion Parco


Stallion Parco Offspring

BWP • Grey • 1992 • 16.3 hands


Darco (Darco-W) Lugano Van La Roche Lugano I
Ocoucha Codex
Iliona Van Het Carelshof Attack Z Alme Z
Undine Z
Eleonore Donnersberg

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