2022 …. ALEXANDRO P AWARDED PREFERENT by KWPN!! These are the last doses coming in from Netherlands April 2023.

Tested N/N (not a carrier) of the WFFS genetic mutation

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Alexandro P is the highest scoring Gelders stallion in the history of KWPN stallion testing. As a dressage horse, he received 9’s for both his trot and canter and a 7 for his walk—plus an 8.5 for overall talent as a dressage horse. For jumping, he received 7.5 for lift-off, 7 for technique, and an 8 for scope, with an on overall 7.5 for talent as a jumper. These are high scores for any KWPN stallion, but especially high for a Gelders stallion.

Alexandro P is a horse with a lovely front, powerful movement with exceptional self-carriage, and the willing and workmanship-like attitude for which the Gelders horse is so famous. His sire, Koss, through his sire, El Corona, carries the influential foundation blood of Amor and Doruto. Koss has sired a number of approved stallions and top keuring and sport horses. Alexandro P’s dam, Itilde (keur preferent), was a UTV champion mare and received 97 points for her mare performance test.

Performance Test

  • Dressage:
  • Walk: 7
  • Trot: 9
  • Canter: 9
  • Talented:8,5
  • Jumping:
  • Lift-Off: 7,5
  • Technics: 7
  • Power: 8
  • Talented: 7,5
  • Harness:
  • Walk: 7
  • Trot: 8,5
  • Canter: 8,5
  • Air: 8
  • Will to move forwards: 8
  • Manoeuvrable:7
  • Total Notion:8

The final examination for riding type stallions took place in the afternoon of 5/21/08 in Ermelo. Two Gelders stallions participated in the final and the stallion Alexandro P (Koss x Satelliet) was gladly approved. The Stallion Show Champion has a good type, moves well and is multi faceted. – Press release from the KWPN

With Koss, Itilde also produced the sport mare and keuring champion, Pam Tilde, the elite mare, Otilde, and the two more ster mares. Itilde is from a strong Gelders mareline that has produced many good horses.

Alexandro P presented his first crop of foals to positive reviews of the Stallion Selection committee. The foals are good in type and powerful in their movement, with excellent self-carriage, out of a wide range of both type and quality of mares. Alexandro P promises to be one of the most influential Gelders stallions in Dutch breeding.

Alexandro P Stallion - 04

Alexandro P Stallion - 03

Alexandro P Stallion - 02

Alexandro P Stallion - 01


KWPN Gelders • Bay • 2005 • 168 cm


Koss El Corona Amor (Heros)
Erona Goudsmid
Itilde Satelliet Marconi (Marco)
Lady Mary
Fitilde Uriant

Lovely Footage Under the Saddle

Footage of Stallion Selection

Video of his first foal crop’s evaluations. They were very well received by the jury and Alexandro P promises to be a most interesting and exciting producer!

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